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"MEDICAL CENTRE MARITIME MEDICINE TRANSMED" Ltd. is a healthcare establishment with the following scope of activities: diagnostics, medical treatment, monitoring of patients, consultations, prophylactics, prescription of laboratory and other types of tests, performance of medical activities and manual operations under own control and responsibility, prescription of medications, health promotion and prophylactics inclusive of prophylactic medical examinations, referring of patients to consultation and hospital aid, medical expertise, certification, re-certification and issuance of certificates of medical fitness of seafaring personnel for duty at sea onboard vessels sailing under Bulgarian and foreign flag.

"MARITIME MEDICINE Transmed" is a limited liability business company registered under the Commerce Act for Healthcare Establishments. It has been registered in the Business companies register with Certificate No. 2368 of 29 Sept. 2014 of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, and with the Regional Health Inspectorate in the city of Varna under No. 124, lot 9.

We have modern diagnostic equipment and we employ highly qualified medical doctors with many years of experience in the maritime, air and railway transport system.

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"MEDICAL CENTRE MARITIME MEDICINE TRANSMED" Ltd. issues medical certificates and certificates of sailors to work on ships under Bulgarian and foreign flag according to the provisions of Rule I/9 of the International Convention for the Wait Service and the standards of preparation and certification of sailors 1978, as amended and Rule 1.2 of the Marine Labor Convention, 2006Perform medical expertise for prof. Insurers and shipowners.

"MEDICAL CENTRE MARITIME MEDICINE TRANSMED" Ltd. Issues medical certificates for marine administrations: Malta, Liberia, Panama, Germany, Marshal, Cyprus, Vanuatu, Singapore, and others.

MC Marine Medicine Transmed has been recognized and authorized to issue Medical Certificates from the maritime administrations of Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Panama, Japan, Liberia, Marshal and others.

Issues medical certificates to marine persons for competence:

In front of the Maritime Administration Executive Agency

Coastal Navigation Certificates

Certificates for boaters for 40, 200,500,3000 tone brut

Waterway operation permits

Ocean passenger ships

Offshore maritime strucures

Marine medical certificate for Malta, Singapore, Marshall Islands, Liberia, Panama and others

All issued medical certificates are according to the International Convention MLS and have a validity of up to 2 years to 55 years .. and 1 year old 55



and the doctor issuing a professional fitness of the seafarers

Dr. Siana Ovcharova /Graduated doctor - internal diseases/

have been authorized and entered in the register of

Maritime Administration Executive Agency under No 5 on the list.

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MC Maritime Medicine Transmed successfully passed an audit

for certification according to standard ISO 9001:2015



Varna, Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment, Slaveykov Square 1

The entrance to the MC is the side entrance of the MHAT, opposite the building of the train station Varna.

Working hours:

Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 15:00

Contact numbers:

+359 52 805 175

+359 884 452 821

+359 885 902 417



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